How to Distinguish Between Synthetic vs Virgin Human Hair

Sometimes the label itself is not enough proof that the hair is 100% virgin human hair. There are some useful methods that can help you distinguish between a synthetic vs virgin human hair.

1) Check for chemical use
100% Virgin human hair will be free of any harsh chemicals. It is free of hair dye and other chemicals such as perm or relaxers. To find out how hair has been chemically treated, do a simple wash test. Wet the bundle and apply neutralizing shampoo and gently massage into the hair. If the foam color is pinkish color, it means hair has been chemically treated. If the foam doesn't have any color, it is free of chemicals.  

2) Smell Test
Usually, synthetic hair will have strong odor due to the use of harsh chemicals. Take a quick sniff of the bundle to see if the hair has a foul smell. Natural virgin hair should not have any chemical smell.

3) Perform a burning test
One of the easiest ways to find out if the hair is 100% virgin human hair is to do a burning test. Take some strands out of the bundle and light the ends with a lighter. Do be careful when you do this and always take a caution using fire. If the hair is synthetic, the ends of the hair will start to melt and stick together. It will harden like a plastic after it cools down. Virgin human hair will just burn to ashes.

4) Color
A natural virgin human hair will have strands that are slightly different color to each other because that is the nature of human hair. However, synthetic hair will have almost too perfect, uniform color and every strands will be same color because it has been dyed.

These are some good tips to find out if the hair is synthetic or 100% virgin human hair. Ask us any questions regarding the hair! We're always here to help you find the product you need.