What is a Virgin Hair?

What is Virgin Hair? 

Virgin hair is chemically UNprocessed human hair gathered from a single donor. Chemically unprocessed means the hair is free from hair dye, perm, bleach and hard washes. It is in its most natural state. Because it is not altered in anyway, you may see a few strands of gray hair. It is totally normal as human hair naturally produces gray hair.

Why Buy Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is priced higher than processed hair because of many reasons. Firstly, virgin hair is free from toxic chemicals which means you can be sure it won't cause any allergic reactions when you wear them. Also, you are free to color, bleach or perm the hair as you wish because they are real hair. There is no animal or synthetic hair mixed in it. Virgin hair also usually last longer than processed hair if you take care of it well.

How to Distinguish Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is free from any chemicals. One way to check is to wash hair. If you wash hair and see any kind of color or chemicals flowing out of hair, you will know it has been chemically treated. One other thing you can do to check is a smoke test. Take a few strands of the hair and lit the ends with a lighter. Be careful when you do this, do it over the sink if you can. If the hair burns with a white smoke and turns into ashes, it is a virgin hair. If the hair burns with a black smoke and hair gets clumped into a sticky, plastic texture then it indicates hair is not virgin hair.